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Partnership with Murdoch Trailers 

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Flat Hat Rags is partnering with Murdock Trailer Sales in Loveland, CO.  Zach Taylor, our business partner is now working with Murdock Trailer Sales selling new and used trailers of all varieties.  From living quarters horse trailers to stock trailers to flat beds and dumps Zach is happy to help you find the right trailer for your needs.  Ask for Zach at 970-663-1100 or visit their website

Flat Hat Rags is offering services to customize your trailer from adding a simple brand decal to a full striping overhaul we can do a wide variety of decal options as well as customize the interior of your living quarters trailer.  We can embroider curtains and towels, make custom pillows, or add interior decal designs to your trailer to make it fully custom.  

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